Caricaturist Frequently Asked Questions.

How many pictures can you draw per hour?

Sean is a very fast artist and can do between 12 to 15 faces per hour and has been known to go even faster than that!

Will anybody be offended by the pictures?

Sean has a very pleasing yet amusing caricature style. The pictures are created with laughter in mind and always keep everybody happy yet highly amused.

Are the pictures drawn in black and white or colour?

Most pictures are drawn in black-and-white on either A3 or A4 size paper or card. All materials are included in the price and a special message can be printed on the paper for your party at a very small charge such as Mr and Mrs and the date etc.

Do you work in one spot or walk around?

Generally it is best to work in one spot on the guests come and go as required. It doesn't take long before the word gets around and people are queuing eagerly to get their picture.

However Sean can walk around, draw pictures should it be required and suitable for the occasion

Wedding Couple Drawn by Cartoon Magic - Caricature Artist, Wedding Caricature Artist for Your Special Event.
Artist at Work from Cartoon Magic - Caricature Artist, Wedding Caricature Artist for Your Special Event.

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There is nothing worse than a boring party… So make sure your event has the extra sparkle that it needs by having a skilled caricature artist,

Caricatures are great entertainment not only for the people being drawn but also full of people watching it makes super spectacle and creates great memories.

It is also very flexible style of entertainment lending itself to any time of day and any venue.

Caricatures are also suitable for any type of function no matter what the occasion but are especially good at weddings where people of all ages get together to share the day and have some fun. Plus the guests get a unique souvenir of the occasion and enjoy more than their fair share of laughter throughout the party.

So why not give your party the extra sparkle that it needs?

Sean is a very entertaining caricaturist with many years experience creating fun memorable occasions. Sean, a Wedding Caricaturist in Blackpool works all over the UK and can be in London one week and Newcastle the next!! He's an expert in creating the perfect blend of fast fun pictures in a very entertaining style.

Sean's pictures are all totally unique to each guest he is entertaining and they make a very memorable and treasured memory of the party making it a real fun talking point for years to come.

So why not hire Sean and his artistic skill for your special party?



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